Secure portal

Secure Access: Your Privacy is Our Priority

At LegalTrust Canary, legal trust and security are paramount. That’s why our Client Portal features secure login with two-factor authentication. So you can rest easy knowing your information is protected.

👉 Advantages: Maximum security and protection of your personal data.

Documents: Your Digital Legal Library

Tired of papers and files? Here’s a space to share and store legal documents. Everything you need, from contracts to certificates, all in one place.

👉 Advantages: Quick and organized access to all your legal documents.

Case Status: Stay Updated

Want to know how your case is progressing? On our portal, we offer real-time updates on your case status. This way, you’re informed at every step of the way.

👉 Advantages: Complete transparency and assurance that we’re working for you.

Billing and Payments: No Surprises

Clarity in billing and payments is another way we offer you legal trust. With our system, you can view your invoices and make secure online payments.

👉 Advantages: Full control over your expenses and secure online payments.

With our Secure Client Portal, we want you to feel like you have an ally in LegalTrust Canary. An ally that offers you legal trust, assurance, and security at every step of your investment in the Canaries.